As we are fully aware of the fact that it is the human resource that creates the difference between companies, “Recruitment” is the most important practice of the Human Resources Department. It is our most important objective to recruit the right people for the right job. Qualifications sought can differ based on positions; our expectation is to work with candidates who can meet the basic competencies in line with ILKOGEN Biopharmaceuticals' values. Candidates have to complete personality tests, general ability and English proficiency tests depending on the qualifications sought for the position. The candidate has to pass competency based interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department and relevant department managers and the process is completed following the job offer and the completion of necessary procedures.

Training & Development

Training is an important investment for the company as employees are the most important resource for the company to realize its objectives and be successful. In addition to on-the-job measurable, observable and need based trainings, personal trainings based on needs do not only improve the performance displayed in the position in question but also prepare employees for possible career positions in the future.

Performance Management

ILKOGEN Biopharmaceuticals, where target and result oriented approach is followed, shares its ultimate goal with all employees and aims that all staff work towards that common goal. We expect our employees to fully grasp the vision and the mission of the company through our competency and MBO based performance management system and we, as the HR Department, understand the areas that our employees need to improve themselves in and we believe that we know how they should be supported through trainings.

Career Management

Career Management is a continuous process that we can use to improve the performance of our employees in order to achieve our long term strategies and objectives. Therefore, candidates from inside the company are given priority for promotion. Assessment Center tools are used to be fair and consistent to select and to appoint the best candidates that meet the required conditions from inside the company.