ILKOGEN is the unique innovation in Turkey with the scope of developing and manufacturing novel biotechnological pharmaceuticals as well as next generation biobetter and biosimilar products. 

Founded in 2013 as a joint venture by the Turkish pharmaceutical company ILKO, Inc. and the Korean biotechnology company, Genexine, Inc., ILKOGEN is the pioneer international research and marketing investment on bio-drug.

This international partnership is established to cover the clinical trials of the best-in-class G-CSF developed by hyFc technology propriety to Genexine. The technology and know-how transfer also enables ILKOGEN to develop novel projects, depending on the strong technological and industrial basis arising from more than 40 years of deep experience of ILKO and strong R&D expertise of Genexine.

In this respect, the first ILKOGEN branded products are going to be introduced to the international markets in the following three years. 


Our Vision:

To become “The Researcher, Developer and Manufacturer Leader in Biotechnology” in Turkey.

To become one of the substantial leaders in the biopharmaceutical market and gain a determinative position in the global scale in future’s pharma industry.


Our Mission:

With the help of new technologies and biotechnological products, to provide innovative solutions for the diseases that are difficult to treat, as well as to create novel therapeutic options for incurable diseases. 

To increase the competence of biopharmaceutical R&D in Turkey and carry our country to a leading position in the global biopharmaceutical industry.